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This new project is born, which is absolutely new on the Island of La Palma and has a large group of places that are on Google Street View and can be easily traced both from the Google search engine and from Google Maps itself and the App Street View (in addition to Facebook, QR codes, Website …).

However, we have detected that it is absolutely necessary to have a guide of the Island of La Palma in which much more extensive information can be given than in any other guide since, for the first time, all the places that appear in this directory they can be traveled virtually in 360º.

What do we achieve with

  • Integrate the contact details of the place.
  • Insert the Google map so you can precisely locate the place you are looking for.
  • Insert corporate video (if any).
  • View the place from any device virtually at any time from any site.
  • See photos of the place (If we have them).
  • See other similar places depending on the query (by location, by category, by municipality …)
  • Find the places of a specific municipality.
  • Search for places in a specific category.
  • Search from a search engine by place name directly.
  • Possibility of extensions in the near future.
  • The user already knows the place when he goes.
  • The tourist finds what he is looking for.
  • The business is strengthened with all Google tools.
  • Maximum visibility
  • Great improvement of Online positioning,

Example of how you can travel a place? Very easy: Move the mouse and enjoy

Do you want to see a hotel? You are already seeing it right here below:

They are simply a couple of examples of places that can be seen from

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