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Digitalización Comercial con Google Street View

Commercial digitization with Google Street View is a project of PYMESBALTA, the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Breña Alta, which has presented the project for its associated companies in Breña Alta. Pymesbalta works for the business fabric and the dynamization of the Open Commercial Zone of Breña Alta since 2007 under the motto of “In Breña Alta you have Everything at Hand”.

This program is the result of the joint work of different public and private administrations, such as the Secretary of State for Commerce, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the network of Territorial Chambers, the Autonomous Communities, the Town Halls and in this case the Association of the Small and Medium Enterprise of Breña Alta (PYMESBALTA), and also has the co-financing of the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

With this program to support the competitiveness of the retail trade, it is intended to develop innovative promotional actions aimed at encouraging consumption and sales in the different activity subsectors, in commercial hubs, in open shopping centers, with special emphasis on visitors and tourists and in promotional campaigns in small businesses. These actions are carried out in collaboration with the most representative associations of interest for the corresponding sector or commercial areas.


Pymesbalta presents this project of “Commercial Digitization with Google Street View” to make its associated companies more visible through the networks and with any mobile device. A company that is slow to evolve has a high probability of disappearing, since it will be late in a race where customers are increasingly digital and the market increasingly competitive. Faced with this reality, businesses must know how to modernize in order not to become obsolete.

One of the most profitable and sustainable ways that give us greater visibility and a clear advantage over the competition is the digitization of physical spaces with a Google Street View Virtual Tour so that people can see in Reality Virtual a place.

In this way, it is possible to offer customers personalized experiences that allow a connected customer, who moves freely through the different channels, to connect with us. The digital revolution has not only changed the way of buying, but also the way of communication and perception of companies.

This project is a tool for establishments to be able to make themselves known in a virtual way and adapt to the new type of consumer who is increasingly searching from computer equipment and mobile devices. These consumers are increasingly demanding and value being able to see the most available information about the places that they will end up visiting later since they do not want surprises and are already on track according to the information they find through digital media.

The Google Street View Virtual Tour can be seen from the Google search engine, from Google Maps as well as from the corporate web pages if you wish to include it. The quality of the Virtual Tours would be maximum, offering an unprecedented image and being able to visit the company from the entrance, virtually walking through the facilities and offering a modern image so that any user, from any device, at any time and in any location, can access. to take the virtual tour and users can learn about the business before going.

The official Google Street View sticker will also be delivered to all participating businesses. In this way, users can easily know that a business is available to view on Google Street View.

In the development of this promotional action, a coordinating work has been carried out directly with the heads of the Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife, with Delegation in La Palma, in addition to the always collaboration of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of La Palma ( FEDEPALMA).


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