VR El Paso

El Paso companies in 360

El Paso companies in 360

It is an El Paso Crece project in which we have made 46 Virtual Tours of El Paso businesses.

  • The companies of the El Paso Crece Business Association are shown on the networks with a virtual tour.
  • It has always been said that an image is worth a thousand words and a virtual tour is worth a thousand images.
  • Visit our companies at any time and on any device.

El Paso Crece, The El Paso Crece Entrepreneurs Association, develops this project in December 2020. In this way, virtual tours were carried out to bring companies closer and more accessible to customers.


El Paso 360

This project arises as a need for all users to take advantage of the resources provided by the world’s largest search engine: (Google) together with its maps application (Google Maps) with Street View technology (360º view of places comfortably from any device). The greatest visibility that exists is on Google. Positioning yourself on Google is very important. Today, very few people use paper maps but rather interactive maps. Everyone searches the places on Google. It is essential to appear in Google search engines in a correct and professional way to take advantage of all searches.

The Virtual Tour reflects the reality of a place inviting the user to interact and virtually tour the place in 360º at any time on any device.

With this system, we are going to improve the image of the business at a professional level. We are also going to attract more people to El Paso and that, when they come, they can use GPS devices with greater security and their own applications or search engines from their mobiles without problems because they cannot find a street or a business. The location on the maps would be precise and the image would also be improved in a professional way and with great impact with a 360º virtual tour. Customers who see the Tour will already know the business before visiting it personally.

The objective is to place all the businesses on the maps of the largest search engine in the world and that every user worldwide (regardless of their origin, language or location at that time) can use it and benefit from this system for a better use of the resources to generate an increase in people visiting El Paso. This is achieved by generating high-quality images so that people know about the businesses even before visiting them.


In recent years, or better in recent months due to covid-19, we have seen a spectacular increase in the use of digital technologies. Google is the most widely used search engine worldwide. Therefore, it is where we are interested in having more visibility.

It has always been said that an image is worth a thousand words and a virtual tour is worth a thousand images. Therefore, if you allow people to see the inside of a business, you will be gaining large doses of confidence in potential customers. A virtual visit improves the visibility of the business and encourages customers to find it more easily on the Internet.

This project is organized by EL PASO CRECE and the company that develops it Murias Digital (Google Street View certified photographer, Panoskin Spanish Ambassador and Google My Business Provider); financed by the Island Council of La Palma and in which other entities collaborate such as the Federation of Entrepreneurs of La Palma (Fedepalma)


You can see all the companies in El Paso BY CLICKING HERE